Spelling Packets- Different Benefits for Every Dyslexic Learner

Spelling plays a very important role in one’s life. This is because it helps you communicate better that leads to a brighter future. Unfortunately, not all children are good at spelling, especially those considered as dyslexic.

Dyslexia is a condition where a child has a difficulty in reading. This is due to problems recognizing speech sounds, as well as relating to letters and words. This learning disorder also affects the part of the brand which process language.

If your child has problems with spelling and words, or labeled as a dyslexic child, you are not alone. There are actually parents who at first struggled how to help their children, but succeed in the end. Many strategies and ways can be applied here. One of the best thing you can make used to help your child is spelling packet.

Spelling packets are a great tool for your child to use. This allows them to build words instead of engaging in listening exercises. This is a procedure where your child can do hands. Compared to the traditional spelling activities, this spelling packets provide a more easy and quick way of learning the spelling since the letters can be found on the table. Since your child can easily see them, then they won’t have to try to retrieve the spelling from their memory bank. Also, this doesn’t require your child to know the blending sounds to spell the words. The packets allow them to spell it even without putting letter sounds together.

When the child uses the spelling packets, he easily moves the cards. This contains six to eight letters. Since there are a few, then it will be easier for your child to come up with correct spelling of a word. After spelling the words correctly, then your child can start reading the words they have spelled or do a read-back. But if your child do not know how to put the sounds together yet, then he can just spell out the words. Reading each letter before the entire word allows him to decode the words. The packets are like a training wheels for dyslexic child and beginners. This tool helps them improve their phoneme awareness, ability to identify sounds, and ability to spell out words.

The packets don’t require your child to count the sounds using taps or tokens. With something, they can touch and move using their hands, they can spell out the words with the cards. Learning how to spell a word has never been easier and quicker with mnemonic spelling packets. The moveable letter-cards just make the entire process more clear for your child than not having any visible letters to choose from. Take note, out-of-the-air spelling can really be tough for beginners and dyslexic children. So, why make it so hard for them when there are spelling packets available?

It is very important to understand that learning doesn’t have to be difficult. The more easy and friendly it is to your child, the more they learn and retain the learning. So, consider having mnemonic spelling packets for your child right now!

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